FirstBuild Mega Hackathon

Recently ShopBot helped sponsor an event called the FirstBuild Mega Hackathon in Louisville, KY. I had the pleasure of representing ShopBot and getting to know a lot of innovative thinkers.

FirstBuild is a maker space sponsored by GE appliances. They have a team of engineers, fabricators, and marketers on hand whose mission is to …

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Making the Leap

A typical project for Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I thought I’d touch base for a minute while I finally have a chance. I have been busy beyond belief for the last year or more, to where visiting the forum or writing has had to take …

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A Day Without “Bells”


Whether it is woodworking or robotics, one of the challenges of teaching in a public high school is that the bell rings for the next class just as the students/teachers have really settled into their projects. So it was a privilege to have 3 students from Kelvin Hasch’s woodworking program at Greely High School …

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Introducing the Standalone Indexer Tool

ShopBot Standalone Indexer Tool


ShopBot is known for making high quality CNC tools at levels of complexity and cost that are approachable to individual users. These tools perform full 3 axis CNC machining operations on a wide range of sizes and types of material. Adding an indexing head, often called an indexer or …

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2013 Tidewater, VA Camp Shopbot

Angus Hines of Hines design labs, has been hosting our Tidewater Camp for the last few years. Each year we return he’s added some new piece of machinery to his arsenal, and this year it was a 3D printer to go with his growing fleet of Shopbots, lasers, and other toys.

We had a …

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2012 Pacific Northwest Camp Shopbot

David Chase and family hosted this Camp again in Vancouver, WA. And as usual we had a good turnout.

There was a pretty wide range of “Campers” this year as we had more people attending one for the first time than usual , combined with some people who have been “Botting” for many years.

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2012 Ann Arbor, MI Camp Shopbot

At the first Detroit Maker Faire we ran into a group that was getting ready to set up a facility that would let people learn how to use a variety of machinery, and then use that same machinery to build their own projects. As they described it it would be like a “health club, …

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2012 Tulsa,OK Fab Lab Camp Shopbot

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s Fab Lab gathering in Tulsa, OK


2012 Florida Camp Shopbot

Dave Rosenbleeth invited us back for the second Ft. Lauderdale area Florida Camp and this year was a two day event. Shopbot used it as a sort of “launching pad’ for a few new items, and we had a great turnout from a pretty wide geographic range ( including Brian Moran of Vectric who …

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ShopBot Mods

I was taught that most tools, when first taken out of the box, have only been started by the manufacturer; it’s up to the user to fine tune the instrument to enhance its qualities and the quality of its performance. My teacher was talking about hand planes but the concept is the same with more …

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