Sports themed products made using Desktop

Within 2 hours of receiving his Desktop, David had it up and running.

David Sheffield was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. This city, like many Rust Belt towns, possesses a well-honed sense of pride for its sports teams and historical manufacturing contributions. David’s small manufacturing company, Buffalo Bottle Craft, creates simple products that …

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Visionary Effects’ interdisciplinary portfolio the work of one person

“My goal has always been to grow the business slowly and naturally,” reflects Dan Thomson.

Visionary Effects’ portfolio looks like a design-build team of 4 or 5 people each possessing varying skills, similar to many interdisciplinary studios. But in actuality, it is only Dan Thomson: owner, designer, fabricator, problem solver and animatronics guru.

Dan …

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Talk Nice To Me

I’ve always talked to myself. Lately, I find, there’s little I can accomplish, if I don’t talk myself through it. Furthermore, as I find it helps me, I’ve gotten much worse. It seems I talk to myself at all times, about all things, and in the company of others.

The Name Game

When I …

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Digital Fabrication and your Museum

As the affordability of CNC, and Digital Printing gets better, and using it becomes more intuitive, these technologies find their way into adjacent fields, like museums. This affects your institution in two very important ways.

Cost Savings.

My work while at Field Museum, taught me much about how to build cost …

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ShopBot participates in conference on Cultivating an Entrepreneural Culture

What happens when the NACCE (National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship) has their annual conference? Inspired conversation.

Sallye Coyle, Educational Outreach Coordinator for ShopBot Tools, and I held a round table at the NACCE event. Attendees learned about the 100kGarages online network for bringing makers, designers, and fabbers together. …

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Z Extruder

Some time back I posted a project we completed on the ShopBot Forum that showed 4 Walnut Legs machined with 4 concave sides (Read forum thread). This machining was done by manual manipulation of a cutting file similar to what the Virtual Tool “Extruder” does. The difference is that when the Extruder extrapolates a file, …

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Reusing Designs

Although it’s fun to always be doing new things, sometimes it’s a plus to be able to reuse work that you’ve done in the past. It not only saves you time, but also gets you looking at old designs with new eyes. Here are two examples that I’ve worked on recently.


5 or 6 …

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My Wind Power Generator

With my great interest in renewable energy I have been working on wind powered generator which is efficient and cost effective and so that’s how the Shopbot came in handy to help me produce the aerofoil design of the blades.

I used a combination of positive and negative molds for the blades. Below is the …

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Tuning Up the PRS Gantry

There are many reasons that your gantry can be out of square or plumb. The gantry can be jostled during shipping, bolts can loosen due to vibration, moving parts wear, metal can fatigue, or the machine may have had an impact. No matter what the reason, you should add checking for square and plumb to …

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OK, as promised I’d like to explain how I use the ShopBot and VCarve Pro/Partworks, along with my favorite CAD program, to nest and cutout parts from full sheets of material, including working with the RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) fittings that you are probably familiar with. Some people have a less-than-favorable impression of those sometimes-annoying little studs …

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