By Jeanne Taylor, October 28th, 2015


What happens when the NACCE (National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship) has their annual conference? Inspired conversation.


Sallye Coyle, Educational Outreach Coordinator for ShopBot Tools, and I held a round table at the NACCE event. Attendees learned about the 100kGarages online network for bringing makers, designers, and fabbers together. We shared a presentation highlighting the continuum of ideation through manufacturing to delivery of a product, offered up alternatives to sending manufacturing oversees, and discussed the power of networked communities to get things designed and made locally. The whole group joined in to share experiences at their colleges that have sparked regional efforts to encourage more small businesses, incubators, and co-working spaces for various disciplines.


The NACCE organization is focused on “cultivating an entrepreneurial culture.” Many of the speakers, including EJ Carrion, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer at Student Success Agency and Johnny Earle of Johnny Cupcakes, shared their experiences of success through community college and the efforts of being a motivated entrepreneurs with supportive networks.

We were also able to talk with attendees about the benefits of digital files and digital fabrication techniques and how cross-platform training in the design software (CAM) can offer people greater flexibility in creating rapid prototypes and manufacturing techniques on a suite of tools from ShopBot CNC tools to laser cutters to wire benders and 3D printers.

Across the country there is an exciting movement to “create economic vitality through entrepreneurship” that community colleges are helping to make happen. They are not only teaching people about starting a business, but helping them succeed by providing ongoing support and resources. 100kGarages may become one of those resources to network and map local hubs of entrepreneurs or “garages” around these community college initiatives. We’re definitely excited about the collaboration opportunities that ShopBot and 100kGarages can bring to the table.

Photos courtesy of NACCE

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