About ShopBot Columns

ShopBot has been publishing Web Columns since long before blogs emerged on the scene. We intend these columns to be more instructive and archival in nature than is typical of most ‘blogs’. But the emerging blog format and organization offers a much more dynamic and useful way of handling and categorizing all sorts of material. So we’ve created a new WebColum/Blog format and during November/December 2009 will be moving our Web Column postings to this new format to make it more easy to find the stuff you are looking for.

We’re also hoping it will encourage more contributions and perhaps some commentary. Let us know if you’d like to become a regular contributor to our Web Columns.

Your Responsibility

Use suggestions, files, and designs from this and other ShopBot WebColumns at your own risk. Make sure any project or technique is appropriate for your tool and shop. And always verify any toolpaths in Preview Mode and by air-cutting before actually cutting material. If your material is expensive, it is always best to first try a test cut in something you can afford to mess up.   [Terms of Service]

Comments on Web Columns

Each Web Column author individually decides on whether they wish to open a particular post for commentary. In order to prevent spam and make the discussion as relevant and helpful as possible, the author then decides whether a particular newly-submitted comment contributes to dialogue and should be posted. Typically, comments are accepted on only an author’s most recent postings.