Success! ShopBot’s First Open House

On Saturday, August 24th, ShopBot Tools held their first Open House in Durham, NC. The event was free and open to the public, but because it was our first time holding one we weren’t sure what to expect. Little did we know, we would have over 200 people come see us during the 4-hour event!

Our full line of tools were on display for the Open House. Everything from our smallest tools, the Handibot® Smart Power Tool and the ShopBot Desktop, to our more specialized tools like the 5-Axis tool and Standalone Indexer. The newest tool in our line-up, the Desktop MAX ATC, was in operation showing off its capabilities by cutting a full-sized guitar body out of a block of mahogony. Our Edge Clamp Joinery Jig showed people how they are able to create precise, repeatable dovetails and joints, while also showing off the creativity one can achieve with decorative end-milling when using the jig in conjunction with the Desktop and Desktop MAX. The precision and versatility of ShopBot tools were being showcased for all that cared to look and learn.

Other tool demos involved the participation of our visitors, with some even providing an opportunity for the users to create something to bring home with them. Kids and adults alike were able to make their own badges, cut marble puzzles on the Desktop tools in our training area, draw graffiti with the help of a Handibot, and even make their own personalized chocolates. Sometimes it was difficult to tell who was having more fun, the kids or the adults!

In addition to ShopBot’s tools being on display, there were many employees at the event available to provide some in-depth tours, as well as answer questions that anyone might have about the tools and the company.

There were several raffle prizes available, including free Basic Training sessions here at ShopBot, expansive digital vector clip art libraries, and a variety of items that were cut by our own employees using our tools. Who knows what you could win when we do our next Open House? Keep your eyes out for an announcement about another one some time next year and make plans to join us.

Take a look at some of the photos from the event:


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