My Wind Power Generator

With my great interest in renewable energy I have been working on wind powered generator which is efficient and cost effective and so that’s how the Shopbot came in handy to help me produce the aerofoil design of the blades.

I used a combination of positive and negative molds for the blades. Below is the positive mold of the blade curved out of ShopBot.


One thing I did like about the Cnc milling is that it produces the exact design to the last detail and so I was able to design and cut my wind rotor blades successfully.

This are the blades after wrapping them with fiberglass.


One of the  finished blades


These are negative molds milled out of the ShopBot.




And the following is a finished wind turbine Showcased at Maker Faire Africa 2010!


2 comments to My Wind Power Generator

  • Shefali Nefdt

    Amazing Tom!

    Is there a way to email you or contact? I am really interested in your work.


  • Just came across your site. Your project reminds me of my college days in which I also did projects using renewable energy. Mine is through solar power systems.