Creating molds for Sanergy

This was a pilot project to build an EcoSan toilet for the Sanergy project, who’s long term mission is to build and scale viable sanitation infrastructure in the slums of Nairobi. The design process started with a brainstorming session at the MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship Center , and once the design was ready we embarked on cnc milling of the floor mould and the corner for us to make our mold.



The 3D view of the mold that was used to create the parts for the mold.



The ShopBot milling of the floor plate.



Tom working on the piece.



Gluing up the pieces



The corner and the floor plate. They both join together by the groove.



Assembling the pieces



The cut out of the floor plate waiting for sanding.



The finished floor plate after sanding ready for molding.



Finished floor plate .



The design drawing.


Here’s how the Sanergy team describes Tom’s involvement in the project:  “His interest in renewable energy – including ongoing work building a wind turbine and a flexible biodigester – blended well with Sanergy’s goals. Needless to say, his contribution to the group has been invaluable.

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