Vadnais Hts., MN 2008


As you can see from the sample above our host for this Camp, Mark Meggitt, does serious stuff…His business Foamcarver does large, high end foam projects for customers all over the world. A visit to his web page shows some great work, and new techniques…
We got a chance to see Mark demo some of his techniques at this Camp, and the process was very impressive !
We also got into some of the other applications of the Shopbot when the people attending brought out their “Show and Tell” items;
Carved stone.
Indexer turning projects.
Solid surface signage.
Kid’s toys
Custom rocking chair, etc., etc.
I’ve posted a bunch of pictures on the Camp Shopbot Flickr page to show how good they were…
Because of the nature of Mark’s business much of what we covered in the sessions were ways to
design/obtain/create images and files .
We spoke about using the Shopbot to probe 2D/3D files, and then make “masters” for the mold making process. We got into some of the “How’s” of 3D carving. And there were examples of holding different materials with vacuum, or custom jigs.
Randy Nelson showed us his turned projects which included everything from geometric shapes with 3D carvings on the sides, to beutiful lamps he carved, and then finished with the Sculpt Nouveau technique.
Jim Frost brought in his beautifully done rocking chair, and some smaller craft pieces.
Randall Newcomb showed us a bunch of stone pieces he has worked on including sand stone, lime stone, and soap stone.
Jeff and Laurie Baldwin brought in some signs they had carved out of different solid surface materials.
And again Mark had a shop FULL of pieces we kept speaking about because his experimentation into “what you do after you finish carving it” is REALLY important info that has taken him a long time to acquire. His demo of the “Apoxy” products showed some great new potential for carving larger projects, and making them last long, and look great…

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