2013 Northwest Camp Shopbot


We went back to the Pacific Northwest for our annual gathering of Shopbotters, and after a couple of years of holding our Camp at David Chase’s shop we held this one at Mike Miller’s new shop in Ridgefield,WA.. Mike has hosted a number of Camps in the past, but as his business grew, …

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2013 Tidewater, VA Camp Shopbot

Angus Hines of Hines design labs, has been hosting our Tidewater Camp for the last few years. Each year we return he’s added some new piece of machinery to his arsenal, and this year it was a 3D printer to go with his growing fleet of Shopbots, lasers, and other toys.

We had a …

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2013 Summer Camp at Colby College, Waterville, ME

In all the years we’ve been holding Camps we have never done one in the Summertime. SO when we were offered the chance to use the Strider theater at Colby College we jumped at the opportunity. John Ervin has been using a 4’by 4′ PRS Shopbot in his capacity as technical director/instructor and he arranged …

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2013 Philadelphia Camp Shopbot !

We were invited to participate in the Philadelphia Tech week activities by the folks at the NextFab Technology Workshop . It’s a great shop space where you can join them as a member, and then get trained to use just about ANY machine you might ever want to work with in THEIR shop ! …

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2013 Southern California Camp Shopbot

Gabe and Mike Pari have been pretty busy since we held our Camp at their “old” shop last year. They moved their business a few blocks away into a much larger building, and hired on more employees to help them keep up with their ongoing, and still growing business of building Teardrop trailers.

The …

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2013 Florida Camp Shopbot

Our host Dave Rosenbleeth decided that for this year’s version of the Florida Camp, we would do a Friday session on sign making that would include info on specific skills, materials, techniques, etc. He displayed a wide variety of sign making supplies which were provided by Coastal Enterprises, and then had the South Florida …

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2013 Austin,TX Camp Shopbot

New Camp Year, and we started off in Austin, TX at Wayne Locke’s shop. As mentioned in prior Blogs the Austin Camp is our oldest ongoing event, and it’s always interesting to see over the years how people are using their machines as they gain more and more experience, both with their hardware, and …

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2012 Rosharon, TX Camp Shopbot

Troy Carlson let us know that he had a shop with plenty of space, and pointed out that we hadn’t had a Camp in the Houston, TX area for quite awhile so we worked out a date and on Saturday the 13th we held our first Camp Shopbot in Rosharon, TX. Scraped ice off …

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2012 Pacific Northwest Camp Shopbot

David Chase and family hosted this Camp again in Vancouver, WA. And as usual we had a good turnout.

There was a pretty wide range of “Campers” this year as we had more people attending one for the first time than usual , combined with some people who have been “Botting” for many years.

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2012 Upper Midwest Camp Shopbot

When our host for this Camp ,David McNutt, first suggested we hold a Camp at his new shop in Mercer, WI I told him that due to his ” remote” location I didn’t think we’d be able to get many people to travel there. In short I was very wrong as once we posted …

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