Adventures Of A High School CAM Class: Episode 6

My name is Eva Bondgien and I am from the Renaissance Academy.  We recently received a ShopBot CNC machine and are excited to learn about computer aided manufacturing from our teacher Kyle Stapleton.  Our first project was V-Carving plaques of our names with an image we chose.  Using V-Carve was a great first step in the manufacturing process (see our “Episode 2″ blog post). After we carved our plaques using our Shopbot Desktop and PRSAlpha we sealed our wood with Polycrylic Protective Finish.


We have to seal the wood before we paint because the grain of the wood will absorb the paint allowing it to bleed into other parts of the board we didn’t want to paint. We started the painting and made sure we got the paint where we want it.  We let them dry overnight and returned to class the next day excited to sand the plaques and view our finished products.


The Polycrylic will also keep the paint in one area and after we finished painting we could sand it off keeping the paint in the V-Carve areas intact.




After we sanded the plaques we blew the sawdust out and used a final coat of Polycrylic to give the wood a glossy finish.


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