Rob Bell, San Francisco, CA


Rob specializes in out-of-the-box approaches to making new and creative use of CNC.  Rob is also very excited to tell you about Sketchup, Google’s free modeling program, and ShopBotting in Rob’s ShopBot Magic.


ttouchtopAfter over 15 years of working as a software engineer I decided to pursue a long term desire to find a way to work with my hands and to develop my knack for building things. In 2005 I began working in a cabinetshop. Then at the 2006 MakerFaire I first witnessed a ShopBot in action. That was a defining moment. I now have my own CNC Millshop business with a ShopBot PRTAlpha96. I create a variety of things for a variety of clients. Designers, Contractors, Cabinetmakers, Furnituremakers, Artists and Inventors all use my services and are coming to fully realize the power that Digital Fabrication technology gives them to create their world. The accuracy and repeatability that my ShopBot delivers is astounding and opens a world of new possibilities for small shops and Do-It-Yourselfers alike. I’m a big believer in accelerating change and the power that Technology and Design Science has to better peoples lives. ShopBot creates empowering tools that have enabled me to fulfill my potential to help others fulfill theirs.