Greg Warner

Intelliview UAS, Hobe Sound, Florida

Greg Warner

Greg Warner

Greg Werner owns Intelliview UAS and enjoys piloting his ShopBot almost as much as his helicopter. Greg  shares his love for adventure and for solving problems in the Pilot’s Log.

Greg Werner is the owner of Intelliview UAS. They focus our product attention toward our unusual artwork solutions. They are located in Hobe Sound, Florida and have a unique clientele interested in products made with a personal touch, just for them.

“Let me give you some background about myself.

I started making wooden boxes 30 years ago with my Grandfather in his wood shop. Most of the time the floor was covered in inches of sawdust and shavings. There was no such thing as a dust collector to clean up the shop, and besides, the depth was a measure of progress. He built things from wood, because that was something that brought him joy in sharing with other people. He was also endowed with the gift of gab and could approach anyone and strike up a conversation. He had good resources in people and everyone in town knew him as Bob.

Bob served most of his life as an engineer in Africa with his wife and children and lived quite an adventure as a missionary. He liked to build things with his hand tools, and he used them on almost all of his projects. He took pride in keeping an edge on his sharpened tools. There was no electricity most places in the bush in Kenya. He didn’t earn much money as a missionary, but lived comfortably later in life and was rewarded instead by life experiences and love of God.

Today, our family life and business are guided by similar values. I’m married to my wife, Chris, and we have two kids. She spends free time with our kids and enjoys a career in diagnostic imaging. I am a professional pilot, and after earning my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, I learned to fly airplanes and helicopters. I traveled around the United States for a while, as a helicopter flight instructor, teaching people to fly. Then I worked in the Gulf of Mexico in Oil & Gas support, flying people and parts to the oil rigs.

Currently, I enjoy a rewarding career as an EMS helicopter pilot. My team onboard helps to safely deliver people to a hospital during their “Golden Hour” – that is the period of time from an accident occurring until the person receives trauma hospital care that their lives hang in the balance. I tell people that I don’t like them to see me professionally, because if they do, they are usually at death’s door.

The job has its trying and dark moments, but generally is very rewarding when someone comes back to visit the hanger and says, Thanks.

Well then you might ask…Why ShopBot?

It is therapeutic to see people enjoy something. I have had computers around me for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried to dabble in programming and love to fix things by experimenting with solutions to problems. I had the first Apple Macintosh when most people thought it was just a fruit. I also enjoy woodworking for the same reason my grandfather did years ago. It helps me relax, and now I found a way to make things for other people that with our creativity make us a nice extra income.”