Brady Watson, Oaklyn, NJ

BradyAndGroverBrady Watson provides his latest helpful tricks for improving your productivity and success with CNC in Brady’s Tricks.

In December of 2002 I took delivery of my first CNC, a ShopBot. At that time, I was working for a company as a software engineer, searching for a Plan B somewhere out on the horizon for me. When I was younger, I built custom metal signage at a large sign company nearby. It was there that I saw my very first CNC router. I would stop to watch it in action every morning before my workday began. I told myself, “I’m going to have one of those some day!”. Well that day arrived, and shortly after, Plan B became Plan A. At that time I had only run a wood hand router a total of maybe 30 minutes in my life. I didn’t know a vector from Victor and couldn’t draw any better than an 8 year old. As I set out to learn everything that I could about CNC routing, many helpful Shopbotters stepped in as my mentor asking nothing in return. With this help, lots of coffee and a hunger for learning, I have made quantum leaps in my abilities as a designer and CNC machinist. I have learned many tricks, tips and shoestring budgeted solutions over these past few years. It is my pleasure to share them with you and give back to a great community of people just like me.