The Modify Furniture Design Challenge

modify furniture modular design


Modify Furniture is joining forces with ShopBot Tools to launch the first ever Design Challenge! Whether you’re a seasoned designer or new to 3D, here’s your chance to show off your creative side, get your name out there, and even win a cool prize in the process. Entrants will be designing an invisibin™ drop-in to add form, function, or flair to existing Modify furniture designs. To see how it works, check out the video below. For entry information, check out the instructions at the end of this post.




The Modify Furniture Philosophy

Anyone who’s ever had to furnish a space knows that there’s more to it than just picking out matching colors. There are careers, philosophies and entire disciplines dedicated to the placement and arrangement of furniture. Marci Klein of Modify Furniture is looking to rethink all of that through an engaging, collaborative, and fully customizable approach to furniture.

Solutions-Oriented Design

marci klein modify furniture

Marci Klein created Modify Furniture in the spirit of customization & simplicity.

The custom design elements made possible by Modify are the result of Klein’s time in medical school. While there, she was looking for a way to furnish her tiny dorm without sacrificing form, function, and space. Rather than purchasing a desk from Ikea and hoping it would fit, she realized that furniture comprised of smaller units could be modified without the purchase of entirely new products. In addition, things like color and texture could be changed easily to allow the furniture to evolve with the room’s layout. With these first designs, Modify Furniture was born.

A few years later, Klein and her husband were able to purchase a used 5′ x 10′ ShopBot from eBay, which has been invaluable in not only cutting furniture elements, but also the prototyping and production of new designs and products. The ShopBot has also allowed Modify to produce home decor and smaller products meant to complement existing offerings. Klein’s experience in the medical world still influences the way Modify operates today: the company’s furniture and designs are meant to benefit both the consumer and designer through simplicity, customization, and a solutions-oriented approach.


modify furniture cut on shopbot tools

The ShopBot PRSalpha has allowed Modify Furniture to explore accessories, prototypes, and complementary home decor items.


The Challenge

One of the unique features of the Modify model is the use of precisely cut areas that can customize the piece with minimal cost and effort. The standard dimensions of these cuts allow for a wide array of drop-ins that can be used for organization, aesthetic changes, or personalization. The 4″ x 8″ drop-in pieces can be cut on a ShopBot or CNC machine of just about any size. There’s no limit to what one can do with their Modify surface!

invisibin design options

The invisibin™ system allows for an endless combination of colors, ideas and uses.

Entering the Competition

Modify Furniture is asking designers of all skill levels to help get everyone excited about modular furniture through the first-ever Invisibin Design Challenge! To enter, simply email your design file (.swf, .swx, sketchup files, and drawings) to along with a short explanation of why your design should be picked. Then, post an image of your design on Instagram with the tag #mymodifydesign.

The chosen design will then be sold on the Modify website along with designer information. The winner will also receive four copies of their design and their choice of a cash prize or credit towards products on the Modify website.

The Design Challenge is a great opportunity for makers, ShopBotters and designers of all experiences and ages. Visit and enter today!





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