Adventures Of A High School CAM Class: Episode 10–STENCILS

My name is Lexus Pickett and I am with the Renaissance Academy Woodworkers. I am currently a senior who is interested in computer aided manufacturing.

We have currently come up with a simple method to make any type of font into stencil form on the Aspire program. We had the idea to do this because we needed a stencil but didn’t like the stencil font Aspire had. The original format of this font wouldn’t work for a stencil because the middles of open letters have the inner shape, and if we were to cut it out like that it would just be solid, and not bubble-like.


The first step is to create the text you want with the desired font.

Then, using the draw line tool, we had to draw lines through the letters that wouldn’t originally work in a stencil format.

After we have made the correct lines, we needed to make sure all the vectors were connected. To do this we selected all text and lines and clicked the weld selected vectors tool. To do this the text needs to be converted to curves.

Finally, when all the vectors were connected, we used the trim vectors tool to get rid of unnecessary lines.

Then the stencil is complete!

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