That First Project and More Thoughts

I’ve been a little busy in the shop, so I’m afraid this post is a bit belated. But linked below is the ShopBot Part File for the screw/misc holder promised in my first web column. As you may be able to see in the first photograph, I simply used screws to hold down the 40 …

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Solid Surface Fabrication: Part 1

This will be a series of articles on Solid Surface Fabrication, from Layout to installation. This is the first article and covers Measuring to Edge Build-up. [Download dxf file with parts that make the stands.]

Measuring and Layout

I use the Bosch Digital Protractor, quality squares and straight edges for measuring and layout in the …

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Pricing a Job

Over the years I have been asked many times “How do you bid a job?” Well, here are the steps I take in formulating a kitchen bid. I have one hard and fast rule about bids: I only discuss money once, at the beginning. Unless the job changes substantially I …

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My First Thoughts

Before I really dig into CNC, I have a couple of things I want to address in this, my premier effort. If you are working without a guard on your table saw, get one. There is no tool that is used more often in a shop than the table saw and an unguarded saw is …

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