Updating an Old Sign

Back in the Fall of 2007, Brenda Aldrich of Harman’s Cheese gave me a call about possibly updating their sign. The timing wasn’t quite right for her when she called (but we do love the customers that plan ahead, thanks!) but the project stayed in the back of my mind through the winter, and by …

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Design Software

In the articles I have written for ShopBot in the past, what I tend to talk about are the types of signs we make here at Lincoln Sign Company, and how we use the ShopBot to achieve them.

What I would like to do for this article, is to concentrate specifically on the design software …

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Sandpiper Cottage Sign

One of the interesting things about making signs is that more often than not, we are making a custom item, specifically to a single customer’s specifications, and that sign (once created) will never be made again. If you are building furniture or wooden toys for a retail environment, it is very likely that with …

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Korber House Sign: Carved and ready for paint

This is a sign we finished carving recently and I decided it would be a good sign to show all the different types of paint that we use and how we put it on layer by layer to create a finished carved sign.


The material we carved the sign from is called Precision Board …

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Creating a Sandblasted Sign

We create all kinds of signs here at the Lincoln Sign Company, and with some of these signs, we actually don’t even need our ShopBot to do them! But here is the amazing thing, we still use it as a tool just like anything else in the shop, and the ShopBot seems to get used …

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Carving a Ski Sign

We recently did a ski sign for a family, and it was such an interesting and fun little project I wanted to write about it, even though we are thinking more about baseball than skiing at this time of year!

This carved sign was a “thank you gift” from one family to another and I …

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My First Report

Back this past December of 2005, we were asked by South Peak Resort on Loon Mountain, to create some interesting and innovative Lot Signs for some properties that there were selling here in Lincoln, NH. Traditionally, when we do Lot Signs, they are flat-painted wood or aluminum, as they are very temporary signs by nature, …

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