What can you teach from making a sign?

Bill Young brought in this sign, made from acrylic that has been V-Carved, plywood that has been pocketed and cut out, and a peg that was 3D printed. At the bottom of the sign is a strip of LEDs, their changing colors programmed with an Arduino. While it is a simple enough project, it contains …

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My ShopBot Quinceanera

The first-ever Campo de ShopBot: Sarah Burns’ diary of her trip to Guatemala

August, 2012. The first-ever South American Campo de ShopBot was held in Guatemala. ShopBot’s Chris Burns and his 15-year-old daughter Sarah were on hand to lead seminars and teach ShopBot skills to the young residents of a local orphanage. Sarah Burns’ diary of her trip begins, “In Central and South America, a girl’s 15th birthday is the biggest day of her life. It marks her coming into womanhood. For me, it was also a coming of age as a ShopBotter. …

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