Production Case Study: Bringing an AXYZ tool back to life

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Hi, I’m Ryan Patterson, head of Production Support at ShopBot Tools. One important aspect of our company that I think sets us apart is the way we work with people to customize solutions for their production needs, from helping them to choose the right tools or …

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Control Software Sb3.8.6 Maintenance Update 4/27/13

A new version of the ShopBot Control Software in now available on the website (current Control Software is always available free from the website):

This is version is a maintenance update. Description of changes in the update as well as general description of the 3.8.x software are available by clicking here.

The 5 Minute Software Fix



There are many times when our computer controlled machines seem to have been taken over by gremlins.  Usually, these “gremlins” are erroneous settings that cause unexpected actions in the machine, or unexpected reactions to commonly used commands.  Windows (all versions) has long been plagued by errors that occur when the OS is closed …

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