Indexer Spinning for Autodesk University

I’m getting back into reporting here after too long a time spent deep in software. I thought I’d start with a report on an Indexer project. Reporting on this project lets me describe some things that have been going on at ShopBot as well as highlight a feature of the (new) ShopBot 3.8.x Version software.

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Fabricating and installing the MakerBot furniture

The MakerBot furniture has been in place for about a month, so it’s time to talk about the nuts and bolts of getting the parts cut, the furniture assembled, and delivered to the 21st floor of an office building in Brooklyn.


Since we had pockets of varying depths to cut we couldn’t …

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Collaborating with Designers

You may know how to cut things on your ShopBot ( or print them on your 3d printer) and feel like you just need a designer to email you drawings of the parts and pieces to be able to successfully fabricate their design. And that may be true, but communicating throughout the process will almost …

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Working on big projects…the beans need to be counted!

The MakerBot office project involves cutting 70+ sheets of expensive plywood and 100’s of unique parts, so it was important to develop a system from the start to make sure that all the pieces were cut accurately, without missing or duplicating any of them. They also involve lots of features like …

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The 5 Minute Software Fix



There are many times when our computer controlled machines seem to have been taken over by gremlins.  Usually, these “gremlins” are erroneous settings that cause unexpected actions in the machine, or unexpected reactions to commonly used commands.  Windows (all versions) has long been plagued by errors that occur when the OS is closed …

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Secondary Operations and Machine Calibration


One of the tasks at which the ShopBot excels is processing sheet materials.  I love that I can slide a sheet of melamine or plywood onto the table and a few minutes later pull off a small pile of parts, ready for edgebanding and assembly.  If you have done your design and …

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ShopBot Mods

I was taught that most tools, when first taken out of the box, have only been started by the manufacturer; it’s up to the user to fine tune the instrument to enhance its qualities and the quality of its performance.  My teacher was talking about hand planes but the concept is the same with more …

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Machining Solid Wood – Mortises

I’ve been working on another dining table, this one a “Prairie Style” table for a client out of quartersawn white oak.  The design includes a bunch of mortise and tenon joints, which of course I decided to cut on the ShopBot (is there another way?).  A dilemma stemmed from my lack of either a tool …

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