FSU Theatre’s Jim Lile puts CNC into the spotlight

Jim Lile has quite an impressive background in professional theatre. He earned an MFA from the Yale School of Drama in Technical Design and Production in 1999. Over the years he has been the Technical Director, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer or staff member for a variety of theatrical and dance companies: Norwegian Cruise Lines, …

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Designer Cindy Jian uses ShopBot at TechShop SF

“3 for Life” on display

We first encountered Cindy Jian while attending the World Maker Faire in San Mateo in May of 2015. Or rather we first saw the “3 for Life” exhibition, an oversized furniture installation conceived by Marie Applegate and her team; Cindy was instrumental in the construction of this eye-catching set …

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FirstBuild Mega Hackathon

Recently ShopBot helped sponsor an event called the FirstBuild Mega Hackathon in Louisville, KY. I had the pleasure of representing ShopBot and getting to know a lot of innovative thinkers.

FirstBuild is a makerspace sponsored by GE appliances. They have a team of engineers, fabricators, and marketers on hand whose mission is to create …

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Using ShopBot CNC to make art: the work of Erwin Redl

CNC PALIMPSEST PRINTS (August 11, 2014)3 Monoprints, Hand-burnished on Fabriano Archival Paper with Oil Based Ink5 x 10 ft, 152 x 305 cm, Artist Studio, Bowling Green, OH ,USA

Quite often, artist Erwin Redl makes use of his ShopBot PRSAlpha 60″ x 120″ CNC tool to cut pieces of material such as plexiglas, soft …

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My ShopBot Quinceanera

The first-ever Campo de ShopBot: Sarah Burns’ diary of her trip to Guatemala

August, 2012. The first-ever South American Campo de ShopBot was held in Guatemala. ShopBot’s Chris Burns and his 15-year-old daughter Sarah were on hand to lead seminars and teach ShopBot skills to the young residents of a local orphanage. Sarah Burns’ diary of her trip begins, “In Central and South America, a girl’s 15th birthday is the biggest day of her life. It marks her coming into womanhood. For me, it was also a coming of age as a ShopBotter. …

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A ShopBotting Dinosaur Evolves

I’ve probably been making things with a ShopBot as long as anyone, except of course for Ted. I got one of the first tools…so early in ShopBot’s history that Ted came to my shop to help put my ShopBot together!… but by the end of the first week had already cut the parts for …

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