Tom Odoyo

At ShopBot we’re big fans of the FabLab movement, and in emails and blog posts we kept hearing about “ShopBot Tom” in the FabLab in Nairobi, Kenya and the amazing things he was making. We’ve talked Tom Odoyo into writing about some of his projects, starting with an amazing windmill. Here’s Tom’s intro to himself and his interests:

tom_profilepicI’m Tom Odoyo (ShopBot) since we are two Toms in the Lab, a final year student Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Nairobi. Basically I do like fabrication (digital) so that’s why I like ShopBot as it provides a perfect tool for fabricating items. Also I’m so much interested in renewable energy and appropriate technology which solves real life issues.

So far have done three major projects on the ShopBot which include:

  • A model of an Ecosan toilet floor mold and corners which I helped the Sanergy Team to develop, it was great experience to do that on the ShopBot.
  • A wind power generator which I did cut the rotor blades using the ShopBot.
  • And currently I’m working with pamojaAfrica to cut and design the pressfit parabolic reflectors.