Introducing: The ShopBot 3-Axis Zero Plate


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People have been asking us for some time to develop a means to quickly and precisely zero to the corner of a piece of material anywhere on the table.

This 3-Axis Zero Plate works much like ShopBot’s Z-zero plate, but is able zero the x, y, and z axes simultaneously. It comes with a special routine that touches off multiple points and uses those points to calculate the corner of the plate. It works for both outside corners and inside corners, so you can zero to the outside of a board or to the pocket of a jig. It will even tell you if your workpiece is parallel to the x and y axis of the machine!

To place an order for one, please visit our web store.


See it in action – Zeroing to an Outside Corner:

Zeroing to an Inside Corner:

Using a bit instead of a dowel – Just rotate the bit to make sure it touches off on the same edge for each point of contact.

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