AWFS 2015 in Review


July 22-25 – Las Vegas, NV – It’s that time of year where woodworkers from across the globe gather in Las Vegas to grow as a community, learn, and exchange ideas within the backdrop of the AWFS Fair. 

Every year at the AWFS Fair, ShopBot has a chance to showcase its product line, including any new products like our Desktop Max, which was the main attraction at this year’s gathering. The new tool was featured to showcase its versatility and larger size, piggybacking off of the successes of the ShopBot Desktop’s original design, which customers have enjoyed using for many years.

Cabinetmakers, general woodworkers, hobbyists, and students all descended into the desert to see what the industry has to offer, as the world of CNC, in particular, continues to expand.

One attraction at Shopbot’s booth was the addition of a jig which exhibited the tool’s ability to efficiently and affordably produce dovetails. Those interested in this specific woodworking specialty were amazed at the approach and design functions of both the jig and the Desktop Max’s dovetail cut. Many curious and intrigued parties could immediately see the benefits of not only a larger cutting area, but also the great versatility of the Desktop Max.



A second Desktop Max featured a more traditional project where wooden stools were being produced, demonstrating that the accessibility of such a functional tool would be a benefit to any woodworker, whether it be in small increments or across larger production volumes. This particular project also showcased a vacuum table hold down system, which allowed for quicker cutting and improved, consistent stability of the material.


As ShopBot continues to grow alongside an ever-evolving industry, there is never a need to “roll the dice” with the renowned reputation of ShopBot’s tools!

— As reported by ShopBot’s Andy Martin

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