Ed Camp Magic & ShopBot in Florida


June 6, 2015 – Windermere, Florida, just outside of Orlando, was host to the 2015 Ed Camp Magic with nearby Disney World as the backdrop for the weekend’s events held at Windermere Preparatory School.

One of ShopBot’s core focus areas remains in the realm of education, and we were happy to sponsor such a great event! It was a hot summer day in Florida, however a hearty turnout for this gathering made for an eventful day sharing the infinite possibilities of ShopBot Desktop tool and its far reaching capabilities in the world of digital fabrication.


Many folks stopped by to see the ShopBot Desktop in action. One of Florida State’s Theater Department grad students, Brandon Rada, was at the controls showcasing the tool’s creative and efficient production power. Teachers, Superintendents, and Teaching Coaches all visited the makeshift “makerspace” on-site, and everyone came away learning a bit more about the endless opportunities to grow alongside CNC tools.

See how ShopBot works in makerspaces.
Learn more about the ShopBot Desktop.

— As reported by ShopBot’s Andy Martin

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