Camp ShopBot New Jersey 2015

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A massive 150 foot long shop, partially filled with excavating equipment, set the stage for big things to happen at the ShopBot Camp in Mays Landing, NJ this past month. John Pucci Sr. and his son, John “JJ” Pucci Jr., hosted the camp, which drew roughly 30 participants. Pucci and Pucci have a 5’ x 12’ PRSalpha ShopBot which they use to cut signs and furniture under the name CNC Design Fabrication (formerly Tiki Art Studios). They also have a 12” indexer at their shop, which they were excited to get turning to make full-3D models. Randy Johnson and Matt Schmitz from ShopBot were there to answer questions and give tips. There was also a representative from Harbor Sales at the camp, who set up a table overflowing with samples of sign foams, laminates, and specialty materials for machining.

The morning started with Randy sharing his considerable knowledge of feeds and speeds, maintenance, tips, and tricks. Matt gave a presentation on the ShopBot Indexer, a ShopBot accessory that works like a controlled lathe and allows machining of full-3D parts.

With the smell of barbeque distracting all but the most steadfast of attendants, a break for lunch was called. The Pucci’s had ordered a full-sized wood fire smoker to cook up lunch for the camp crowd. As John Sr. put it: “We don’t do sandwiches here.”

The afternoon brought “show and tell” and more shared tips and tricks. The indexer was fired up to cut a tiki pole out of a 3’ long by 9” diameter maple round, with camp attendees taking breaks from the talks to check on its progress.

In addition to the information shared by Randy and Matt, Brady Watson, a former Shopbot employee and 3D scanning expert, shared some of his expertise in 3D scanning and presented some impressive examples of objects he had been 3D scanned and then cut on a ShopBot.

All in all a ton of fun for everyone, and a big thank you to the gracious hosts, John and JJ!

— As reported by ShopBot’s Matt Schmitz

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