ShopBot’s 5-Axis is key to Moore Brothers’ outdoor gear start-up


Oliver and Sam Moore of the Moore Brothers Company have a passion for everything outdoors. Oliver (who earned his BA in Physics from Williams College) and Sam, who earned his degree in engineering from the University of Vermont, love the water (and the slopes), and have a background building high-end racing boats.

Before starting their own company, Oliver was employed at Hall Spars, a company that focuses on manufacturing high-performance autoclave-cured carbon fiber spars for custom and production sailboats. Oliver spent a year in their engineering department gaining an in-depth education in “old school” machining as well diving into composite work with the help of Visual Mill, SolidWorks and Rhino CAM.

I caught up with Oliver earlier this week. He said, “Around Thanksgiving of 2013 we decided that we’d waited long enough and it was time to start doing things our own way.”  Since launching the Moore Brothers Co., they’ve been doing engineering assignments from cutting out flat panels and decorative signs to full carbon foil packages for A-class catamarans — all with the help of ShopBot’s 5-Axis CNC and 3-axis PRSAlpha 96 x 48 gantry tool. Oliver noted that “we really needed a 5-Axis solution, because a challenge in boatbuilding work is having a high enough Z-Axis to be able to machine a large item like a 5′ x 2′ dagger board.”

Now the brothers are hard at work in preparation of launching their own line of tailored skis.

Oliver said, “We’re super charged about the possibilities for ski design and manufacture. Our goal is that by the end of 2015, we’ll be set up to design and build skis tailored to the customer.”  Here’s the 5-axis machine being used to carve poplar ski cores:

5-axis of poplar skisOliver summed it up: “We chose ShopBot’s CNC tools because of their value proposition — high performance tools at reasonable cost. Now we have the resources in technology and experience to vertically integrate precision design and fabrication with traditional wood and composite craftsmanship. We’re capable of turning ideas into concepts, concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into products on a rapid time-frame.”

You can see more photos and videos of the Moore Brothers work on their Facebook page. See more information about ShopBot’s 5-Axis CNC here.

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