Production Support Projects

Custom Pressure Foot

Back in November, Production Support made a tune-up visit to Freedom Challenge Ministries in Balstrop, LA. After performing basic maintenance, a more advanced training on the software was done to help those in the shop become more efficient in getting from a customer order to cutting a file. One of the efficiencies they had already put into place was a way to make better use of their materials – putting small 1.5”-2” shapes they call “filler” into the unused sections of their MDF. While they already had large vacuum pumps in place for their regular cutting, these additional pieces were too small to be secured by the existing vacuum system. The Widget Works pressure foot they were using helped a bit, but since it was designed for material thinner than what they use, it wasn’t helping as much as it could. With that in mind, we left with the idea of creating a pressure foot that is better equipped to hold thicker material.

pressureFoot_2 pressureFoot_3


Quick Change Spindle

One of the requests we hear most often is for a faster, easier way to change tools. To accommodate this request, the ShopBot Production Support Team worked with our spindle manufacturers, HSD, to come up with a solution. The result is a 4hp quick change spindle. It uses a standard HSK C32 tool holder with an ER25 collet. The advantage of this system is that it allows the user to pre-measure the cutter length, which eliminates the need to zero the Z axis when changing bits. This allows for increased efficiency and helps eliminate mistakes. The 4hp quick change spindle is a great affordable option for any shop needing to speed up their production.

For more information on these or on ways to help your production team be more productive with custom solutions, jigs and fixtures. Visit our Production Support web page or call 800-680-4466 and ask for Production Support.

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