Adventures Of A High School CAM Class: Episode 2

My name is Lexus Pickett, and I’m Weston Mohawk, and we are with the Renaissance Academy Woodworkers. We are both juniors in high school that are interested in computer aided manufacturing.

Now that we know what the problems were (see our “Episode 1” blog post), we are going to go through the process of making a new plaque. The steps in making a perfect board include planing the boards, squaring the sides of the boards, cutting the boards to the exact length/ width, and measuring the exact thickness of the board after all these steps to ensure the bit will actually carve the board. We designed a new toolpath to carve into our boards. The choice of using a 60 degree bit vs a 90 degree bit was available to us. We were much happier with the outcome of these boards than our first ones.




Steps to the V-Carving Process

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