Hot new product “Ninja Standing Desk” produced out of TechShop San Francisco

The Ninja Standing Desk is just like it sounds — it may well be the world’s first portable and affordable version of the permanently installed workstations you see around office and home businesses around the country.

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 12.06.49 PMThe “Ninja” behind the Ninja Standing Desk is San Franciscan Dan McDonley, and his product has become a huge hit. It’s designed by Dan here in the U.S., prototyped here, and assembled from parts from here at home. Pretty cool. To help him bring this new product to market, Dan has been making good use of his local San Francisco TechShop with ShopBot and other tools, and he’s also reached out to 100kGarages fabbers as part of his vendor-sourcing. It’s an inspiring start-up manufacturing success — read the full story on the 100kGarages blog.

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