123D Make…Makes me a Rocket!

We finally had a chance to play around with Autodesk 123D Make after first learning about it a year ago.  For our first project , I had a student download a rocket model from the Autodesk 3D Model Gallery and then had him load it into 123D Make.


123D Make is an intuitive piece of software and after a bit of fiddling around, we were able to take our 3D model and convert it into an interlocking design that could be cut out of flat sheets on our ShopBot Desktop.


123D Make produced a set of nested vector drawings that we imported into VCarve Pro and we were on our way…


We added an extra drilling toolpath in the VCarve design to locate safe locations for hold-down screws on the wood panel which was helpful on such a heavily nested pattern.

The final product looks pretty good…although I would choose a cleaner cutting material or use a downcut tool the next time to reduce the amount of sanding we needed to do to clean up the edges.


Have you done much with Autodesk 123D Make?  I’d like to hear about it.



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