Fabbing for MakerBot

Almost exactly a year ago, at the 2011 New York Maker Faire, our booth was near some folks from the University of Kentucky’s Design school, Anne Filson and Gary Rorbacher, that had a project called atFAB. It turns out that they were familiar with ShopBot and 100kGarages…they had actually had gotten the pieces they had at the Maker Faire fabricated through 100kGarages! It was great to have people near us with neat CNC-cut furniture, especially one that had drank so much of the digital fab/100kGarages Koolaid! I kept in touch with them, and when an inquiry came to the shop about fabricating furniture for the new MakerBot offices in Brooklyn with a request for input on designers that “get” digital fabrication, I immediately thought of Anne and Gary.


To make a long story short, we got the job and will start fabricating as soon as the 80 sheets of prefinished ApplePly plywood arrive on Wed, Oct 10. I’m pretty comfortable with the CNC fabrication part…I’ve cut a lot of sheets of plywood over the years… but we’re also exploring adding 3d printed elements as both decorative and functional pieces which is pretty new to me.


Our plan to try to make the fabrication process as open as we can, so we want to post about both the collaboration and fabrication as things move along. Things that made things easier, things that worked, and things that didn’t. Stay tuned to follow along.

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