2012 Tidewater, VA Camp Shopbot

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We kicked off the Fall “season” of Camps with our now annual visit to the shop of Angus Hines- http://angushines.com/

We had a large group including Nine staff members of Shopbot who drove up from Durham for this one! And the Campers themselves rolled in from Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, etc. Sign makers, boat builders, staff from the National Aquarium, crafters,  cabinet builders,etc.

Joe Johnson spoke on a few topics ranging from his home brewed vacuum table system, to how to avoid shop disasters. He also gave a demo on building “wavy textured panels” using a simple technique with the “two rail sweep tool” in Aspire.

Rodney Brown brought in some great inlay work he did in veneer using Sean Martin’s new drag knife attachment.

Graham Byrnes showed us a new scarf he has created to assist those making  panels  which have to be “extended, but kept in register.

Eugene King showed off some of his craft products and gave an idea of how much less time he now spends to make them by using his Shopbot.

John Haggerty brought in some of the beautiful wooded cases he is building for I Phones, and explained how he is currently using  Kickstarter to raise capital for future production runs.

Brian Mckenzie from Shopbot drove in with the new Shopbot Cricket trailer in tow. It’s a collaboration with the Cricket trailer company who is now using a Shopbot to build their units, and this one was fitted out with two desktop machines, and assorted gear for attending trade shows, Camps, school events, etc.

Ted Hall spoke about some of the upcoming software revisions, and the newest beta software.

While all of this was going on, our host Angus was running around with his camera documenting all of the above and he’s posted a bunch of his pix on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?…5942320&type=3

I’ll add a few shots I grabbed to this post as well.

Great weather, good group, and a lot of good info…Thanks Angus and Jacqui !

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