2012 Florida Camp Shopbot

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Dave Rosenbleeth invited us back for the second Ft. Lauderdale area Florida Camp and this year was a two day event. Shopbot used it as a sort of “launching pad’ for a few new items, and we had a great turnout from a pretty wide geographic range ( including Brian Moran of Vectric who flew in from England at the last minute…!).

Friday was geared more toward the concept of using a Shopbot in a “production environment” with cabinet making being the focal point. Our host Dave Rosenbleeth presented his method of producing his ‘boxes’, and then Gary Campbell of Shopbot gave an overview of how similar products could be generated using the “E Cab/Shopbot link”.

Ted Hall then gave all of us an overview of some of the upcoming changes in the Shopbot control software which will facilitate some easier ways to allow machine operators to store, and call up files they use on a regular basis. He also showed us the new “RBK” control box which will allow owners of machines going back as far as the “PR” series to upgrade their machines to a much faster/smoother operation. In fact the box on display was going back to the island of Aruba right after the Camp with Jerry Lourens who flew in for the Camp !

In addition to the new control box there were two desktop machines running, one was cutting “rotary files” using the new desktop indexer, while the second machine was producing “3D parts” using the new “3D printer head”. ALL of these units are featured in the gallery of pictures for this Camp, as well as on the Shopbot “Facebook page”:


There was a LOT of great “Show and Tell” on hand, and the items ranged from LED signage, to parts and files which are available FREE to all Shopbotters through the web page, and Vectric software. Tim Merrill, and Michael Tyler were the principals involved in these files, and they both had a number of items on hand to show what the tools, and software are both  capable of producing. And David Beede came in with a “Show and Tell first” when he not only SHOWED his portable electric bass guitar, he PLAYED it for the group !!!

Dave Rosenbleeth explained the odyssey of how he has been constantly upgrading his older PRT machines, and he showed how “current” his machine is because of all of the improvements he’s made.

Bob Schwartz of Onsrud tools gave a presentation about tooling, and answered all questions regarding specific applications those in the group were dealing with.

Bill Young and Ted Hall went over the new, revamped “100K garages.com ” project and explained the goals they were hoping to achieve.

I finished up the Camp with  a session on the idea of running a Shopbot business, and that brought in some great feedback from those in the group who have had various levels of success with some of their ideas, and products. We had a pretty wide range of experiences, and I think it may have opened some ideas to newer ways of doing things.

Good group, good presentations, good food, and a great chance to catch up with friends. Thanks Dave !!!


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