2011 Upper Mid West Camp Shopbot

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Gary Campbell hosted our first Camp in this area at his shop in Negaunee, MI. We had “Campers”from many of the neighboring states in attendance, as well as Paul Kirby who flew in from the Atlanta, GA area to get up to speed with his recently acquired machine…
On Friday Gary hosted an “extra day” of the Camp for people who specifically wanted to hear about using the ECab “link” to build cabinets on the Shopbot, and he spoke about the process of being a true “production cutter”.
A number of people were there to get a first hand look at some of the “modifications”Gary has done to his current machine- a PRS Alpha 60-120 with a rotary tool changer which handles 12 tools…..Gary ran a few part files to show the benefits of having the extra technology on hand, including his pneumatic indexing pins, and his “air crane” for moving sheet goods onto his table. There were a few cabinet builders on hand and so we were able to get into various different techniques for cutting parts and assembling them.
Eric Erickson brought in a number of his “rustic lodge style”signs, and also gave a short talk on how he came to steer his business in that direction. That led to a pretty interesting discussion of Shopbot businesses in general.
As a group we went over some of the stuff everybody is always interested in: vacuum systems (including a “tour” of Gary’s “black box” system…), materials for cutting and local sources, router bit selection, software packages, 3D, signs, etc., etc. And there was a good selection of Show and Tell items on hand to give everyone a feel for how the machines in this area are being used.
Many thanks to Gary for putting in all the extra time on this one….

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