2010 SoCal Camp Shopbot

Chris's-apertureWe held our second Camp at Gabe Pari’s shop, and we had a wide assortment of owners and projects on hand.

Gabe’s come up with some pretty interesting ways to build his “fleet”of aluminum teardrop trailers using his machine, and he had one of his latest creations, an “off road”version on hand to show us.

Justin Rank spoke about some of the latest line of “green” materials now available for doing a wide range of projects, and he also gave us some good info about the structure, and availability of Trupan, and other building materials. He can help Shopbotters find Trupan if it is not locally available to them.

Chris Schaie showed two of his latest pieces; a brass “aperture”( shown above) which has been widely discussed on the Shopbot Forum, and a wooden computer housing.

Robert Chubb explained how he programmed, and cut, a set of proto type lee boards for the Sabot dinghy. He also showed a computer program he wrote to simplify the file building/editing process.And he brought along a “tongue drum”made of padouk and maple.

Keith and Ryan Beezley of R & B tools explained a lot about the process of building carbide router bits, as well as getting into the techniques for computing feed/speed rates.

Jay Leslie brought in some of his magic tricks, and started a pretty interesting discussion about how to become “known” in a business.

Roger Kirkpatrick showed a clever folding work table/bench he made for model helicoptor pilots/owners.

Phil Mulligan brought in a beautiful laminated “turned”shape he created in Solidworks, and cut on his home made indexer.

And Gabe finished off the day by explaining some of the techniques he has used to make molds for a wide variety of projects.

A lot of good info, and some very nice work on display..

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