2009 Troy, VA

After last year’s near washout due to hurricane driven rains this year’s Virginia Camp was
held in picture perfect weather. And it really gave us a chance to see Jay’s unique shop setting which is on an over 80 acre parcel he owns.We had a good mix of experienced ‘Botters, and some new faces as well.
Ed Lang started off with a short talk about how he and Jay use a variety of ways to hold there various projects in place for cutting.
Ryan Patterson did a session in which he showed the group the nuances of three different cabinet design programs; “E-cabs”, Cabinet Parts Pro, and KCDW. His discussion really helped to answer a lot of questions people had about these programs.
Ted Hall brought in one of the new control boxes and drivers, and explained the latest developments in Durham.
Bill Young went over some of the projects planned for the “100kgarages.com” web page. He also spoke about the “linker log”page and how it’s intended to be a starting point for future projects created by Shopbotters. We then cut out one of the “linker log deer”files so people could see how the technique can be applied to a wide variety of products.
Russ Todd ( who is now officially a Shopbotter!) brought in some of his aftermarket tools, and products which he is now able to create on his own machine ….
I did a short session on Sculpt Nouveau’s metallic coatings and brought in materials for people to play with.
In between all of this activity Jay Wyant was showing people his vacuum system, Ed Lang was discussing laser projects, and we were all munching on some of Jay’s home made luncheon treats ( see picture above…).

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