2009 Atlanta Camp Shopbot

We had our 2009 Atlanta area Camp in a new location. This year Robert Ball and his family volunteered to host the Camp on their farm in McDonough, GA which is about 25 miles Southeast of downtown Atlanta.
Robert’s interest in bats has generated both a business, and nickname in the Shopbot community; where he is known as the “Batman”. And it was easy to see why as we wandered around the premises of his property. He has “housing” (actually a number of the bat houses he produces) for a considerable colony of bats mounted on poles all around his pond. And there are bat symbols and logos everywhere…
He also has a great home and shop, both of which have become “testing grounds”for the work he is producing on his machine. Everything from furniture, to ceiling fan medallions are being cut on his Shopbot. (There are pictures of some of these pieces on the Camp Flickr page…). Robert even updated some of the “facilities” in the shop area just for the Camp !
The Atlanta Shopbot community always shows up in force whenever there is an opportunity to get together with other machine owners. And while we had many of the “regulars”in attendance this year we also had a number of people there who were seeing a Shopbot for the first time.
So it was a good collection of “old hands”getting a chance to explain their experiences with using the ‘Bot to the “newbies”.
John Ming gave a short talk, and showed some pictures of how he’s adapted the way he’s building furniture since he got HIS machine.
David Buchsbaum gave a great talk on different applications, and tools, he’s developed over the years through his use of the machine.
Tim Merrill spoke about how he’s using his retirement time to learn the Shopbot, AND to donate a lot of toys he makes with the ‘Bot.
Rodney Brown showed off a very nicely cut ” family puzzle”, as well as some clever “nesting”furniture dollies he’s designed.
Gary Gardner showed a shell shaped box, as well as the multiple purpose building jig he built on the ‘Bot to create the box.
Ed Conley showed off a large styrofoam “dish”he carved and then coated with the Sculpt Nouveau coatings and patinas.
Andy Brooks showed off his “Georgia Bulldog”table (which you can see in the picture above).
Robert Ball gave a demonstration on the use of the new “Aspire” software.
Robert’s Son (Robby) and Daughter(Samantha) also pitched in and used the computer/Shopbot to design and cut signs to direct people to the Camp !
And Robert’s wife Cecilia wowed all of us with a coffee brewing system that made us think before we could actually have a cup !
It was a very nice day, and a very good Camp….

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